Project Promotion

1. Radomir N. Saicic: Small Molecule Anti-RNA-virus Therapy. Repurposing Iminosugars and Chloroquine Analogues Against COVID-19, Invited lecture given at the Symposium “COVID-19 Pandemics: Messages, New Information and Dilemmas”; Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 4 June 2021, Belgrade
The link provided above is the recording of the whole conference. The lecture of
Professor Saičić starts at 05:24.

2. Interview at TV „PRVA“

3. Interview at TV N1

4. Report at “SPUTNIK” site (PI has commented that the title, given by the SPUTNIK Editor is inappropriate and misleading)–poznati-lek-efikasan-protiv-korone—1129791153.html

5. Interview at RTS on 25/10/2021

6. Interview at Portal N1 on 24/11/2021

7. Interview at RTS on 10/02/2022 (broadcasted on 29/03/2022 and 30/03/2022)

8. Public lecture: R. N. Saičić: Development of iminosugars as anti-COVID-19 agents, University of Kragujevac and SASA Center for Scientific Research, 25 October 2022.